Make Your Pictures Sharper Than Ever

Photographers have known for decades that although cameras and lenses are made to exacting standards, nothing is perfect. So professionals who wanted the very best, sharpest images had their lenses custom-matched to their camera with a very expensive physical modification that compensated for slight variations in manufacturing.

Although we now use digital sensors rather than film, the situation remains: off-the-shelf lenses and camera bodies vary a little bit in ways that can affect the system’s focusing ability. In some of today’s cameras though, those tiny variations can now be compensated for and you can have the sharpest images possible... without spending an arm and a leg, and without making physical (or irreversible) changes to your lens or camera body!

Do your images seem a bit out of focus?

Do you have intermittent focusing problems? Are the details in your images a little soft with one particular lens but not another? Have you bought an expensive lens only to find it's not quite as sharp as you’d like? The problem may not be that new glass, the camera, or you. It may simply be the camera and the lens not working together.

Is the focus okay but you’d like to make it better?

Sometimes even a good focus can be tweaked a bit to make it better! Just by making a precision adjustment to the camera’s built-in software, variations in the hardware can be compensated for and the lens and camera can be made to work even better together.

Our simple solution

Not that long ago, when you sent your camera and lenses in to have them custom matched the equipment was physically altered and thereafter you could not use the lenses on another camera body. They became dedicated lenses until you had them adjusted all over again for a new camera body. If you had several camera bodies, then you needed matched lenses for each body-- a massive investment in both glass and adjustments.

But several camera manufacturers are now providing us with a solution to this problem for their professional camera bodies (and some of their prosumer cameras too)-- the autofocus micro-adjustment. No longer to does a physical adjustment have to be made. I can now perform a precision calibration using specialized equipment that calculates a new offset for each lens. Using the camera’s built-in software, I can progam in the new offset for each lens. Thereafter, when you attach a lens, the camera immediately identifies it and automatically fine-tunes its focusing mechanism to compensate for the tiny manufacturing variations in that particular lens. Your images are as sharp as they can be!

The best part? This precision fine tuning is now affordable!

For only $85 I can calibrate your camera to an autofocus lens. And even better, when I’m done you can still use that lens on any other camera! You can also use other lenses on your micro-adjusted camera, just as you always have, because I don’t make any physical change to either the lens or the camera body-- I only tweak the camera’s internal software!